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Hey everybody I’m guessing you’re looking for the best wordpress hosting company around well stick with me for a few minutes I’m gonna save you a lot of time hen potentially a nightmare I got out with are going back not too long ago now I know what I was looking for a wordpress hosting so I was in the exact same shoes and I went through all these videos on YouTube all these like hour long videos half our law videos painful to watch these videos so I’m not going to do that %uh to keep this real short concise and is give you what I’ve learned over the past four years dealing with wordpress hosting companies so and avoiding situations like this for example if you see this message anytime somebody hits you wordpress blog at your end deep deep doo-doo this is a nightmare ask me how I know I fortunately it happened to me for years ago and we can avoid that sub anyway as a promise few minutes and I wanted save you three years of child care I’ve made so bottom line is that when looking for WordPress hosting company our price is obviously very important you I get the best deal possible are the host speed also very important how fast are the servers how powerful are they ardilla ferraris or are you dealing with broken down Pinto suck a big difference high-capacity how many visitors are you looking to getting to your blog 10 visited a way to get a hundred visitors are thousand visitors a day well in many cases that can trigger the good old thinking are 509 air as you see here so we’re gonna for that in not have you do without like I have a tech support you wanna make sure got a couple it’s called the deal with are they staffer responsibly get back to you right away and make your life a lot easier and here is my experience based upon all that nonsense I’ve had to deal with over the past few years my number one recommendation is Blue Host okay I have a coupon code for you second here you can save a lot of money deliver BlueHost as opposed to going to their site directly opt for Hamas will give the coupon code right now if you want SWP 495 dot com WP 495 the commas save you a little bit a Monday which we all love widely host bottom line support is awesome you get us-based support these people speak English English is the first language and they get back to you right away I speed flexibility lightning fast servers no matter what I try not to host they never go down the never crash and burn they never give me the dreaded the ban with limited X exceeded area wat wat wat r thanks for playing that never happened ms as happens your site’s down your visitors a frustrated they get you know annoyed they may never come back your friends and family laugh at you it’s really a bad situation so that never happens with blue host guys are really cool and I’m gonna go through this here you can kinda see this on your own age what at the page are delivered the storage learn about hosting free domain name so I just saved you twelve dollars are the Go Daddy didn’t get story go daddy: your freedom in which is really cool are unlimited email accounts all the stuff you just a tired of stuff you’ll probably never use but a lot of muscle on horsepower so and one things is it’s so darn easy to get a running with WordPress I’m gonna take you behind the scenes and show you my Bluehost account okay now you can dance upload files here you can get all kinds a options for arm a coupon school also you can activity now accounts you can look at your latest visitor stats who’s visiting your site where the coming from how many visitors to get it today all I kinda stuff right but the cool thing here is under website builders which is the WordPress link you can get up and running with you were press blog in like three minutes flat I kid you not this is lightning fast it’s so so simple and how it works he basically thinks all button answer a few questions about your blog title description and boom I guess had three minutes no technological wizardry involved you’re up and running very very cool so these the guys I recommend is is a Blue Host and they’ve got some great deals going on as I said sometimes it’s 495 sometimes 595 it’s been awhile card but go to WP 495 dot com and you get the best deal possible and hey if you like this video from can I help you out give me some direction of Liam sharing my knowledge arm put it on my tip jar into me a tip is him like butt blows video had like button let me know you’re watching let me know you’re digging this and hey if they wanna give a shoutout go had not a comment into the comment box below and lastly question there too ask a question in the comment box to and you know what go ahead while you’re at it why not the trip although any go ahead the subscribed have so-called videos about hosting wordpress and about technology in about hosting a cast of so I’m if you like this go ahead describes what appreciate it so real quick you wanna go head to go to WP 495 dot com are click on the starter plan what’s the best plan I’ve got a pre-loaded my domain name which is Hello Kitty is awesome i know i cud stating the obvious here but would love Hello Kitty first name last name company info boom boom boom do not click on domain privacy do not click on set like to meet security do not click on searchers jumpstart all I wanna do is click on site like a pro $per month this is your insurance policy case any shenanigans happens with your blog you’ve got a backup copy every month very very small price to pay go ahead for your credit card hit next boom done this is the absolute best wordpress host service after a cassette I better my family and friends and colleagues to use them use that coupon WP 495 dot com save some money and hey I hope this helps you out like subscribe comment if you’ve enjoyed this I hope it helps you and the of best luck with your wordpress hosting and blog and I hope it’s a real success for you take care

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