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Hey guys I’m back and this tutorial is to show you how to open up and manage and run your own VPS server. VPS server that is basically a cloud computer you can access it from anywhere you can run a server on it minecraft server or Pokemon Showdown server for example actual good tutorial then later I might actually get to Minecraft as well and also this morning I just realized you can run a shoutcast server and that’s basically an online DJ like you can have your online radio station people go listen to for whatever reason so I’m show this is a pretty simple tutorial. for now this is basically a basic server tutorial. though for paid server you’ll definitely get advantages because you’ll have a better server more bandwidth I’m just gonna show show you the basics all how to get a free server and had a open a manage connect to a server startup just mess around with it, ok. Alright, so first yo go to Google and you Amazon Web Services you go there cloud computing services click here sign in this is ran by Amazon Amazon.com you can see if the subdomain so no tricks sign in and re-sign him but it’s gone green to Amazon sign in screen and you’re just going to you make a new Amazon account or enter your Amazon information now call to ask you to do a free trial all you have to do with and the Free Trial your gonna ask for a credit card number and or debit card just get a prepaid debit cards you feel secure about its Amazon but once you get that 00 work or node Epicor just enter it and you’ll start your free trial believe it runs for a year so after you get all that cleared up you should come to hear Amazon Web Services anything this computer section right here you on Etsy you feat to go there already have a one instance running K launch and foods it’s really easy said it was waterway up now you have let it keep me to go by amp on lanix Red Hat make sure you check out this three-tiered just make sure your life the industry was went to a and I’m gonna go with when does ago 2012 click Select k general-purpose see how the the only one has three-tier I mean will cost me anything review and go through all this and you’re going to you click Launch you can create a new key pair arms phone call tutorial download the key pair make sure you put this somewheres where you’d want to be like on your desktop put on your desktop right here drag it over and you should see a radio story about the yield okay quote audio do now is launch instances and you’re still sizzling are launching you can go back %um stances and this one it says pending that so the one I’m working on right now as you see if this tutorial under three years love Oaklawn showdown server gonna do a story on that later but I do have it running just a preview our class access it think works just as good you’re over so whatever this comes back above unpause video so I’ll take four minutes you click on it right click get password ass were not available yet wait for a minute so me back to form sooo showed a password okay let’s see if it’s ready to go so right click get password and a key pair I number I’ll Obama def tot seats: toward a keogh double click that could be quick pass word and password syrup at it will proclaim while the password I’m going to terminate or delete the server right after so copies close right click it again connect download the remote desktop I’ll you could put the following year a your desktop or anywheres just for quick access this for you can access it without having to go through ads are all over again user click it not ask me in connect afternoon mister just paste password remember your credentials well if you plan on changing the password I’ll check this just yet coca a okay yes waiting and and second seeing this looks basically just like Windows a it’s just server running from the cloud so this isn’t really your computer but is your computer in some way don’t ask up any show nested ok please wait now this is Lawley for the first logon any log on after that should be pretty quick okay so my desktop should be coming up pretty soon this is my UPS Cloud Desktop I’ll personally I’m gonna do depends on what you remember if you using this form or a casual purposes I would go to the server manager and this is different if you decide to get Windows 2000 the latex or something like that but for 2012 you a local server I E enhanced security configuration could go on and then change death all and because basically Internet Explorer if you keep Internet Explorer its gonna keep bugging you saying that the website locked or whatever you want to add an exception and just gets pretty acting Oktar so just gonna keep it all or a few download another rousing Fort spurred your I mean in pain and how secure you like your system internet so now that’s all going to go to see just like getting it just like Oh Windows 8 Internet Explorer and this is a basic system see how test %uh not name or this is a basic system it really only have to believe chill look at the specs this is just recovery system now he pay for course you gonna get goodall top it all it’s just that it’s far better than your own PC on properties only has one gig ram alt the food processor 64-bit justices the floor okay though one thing I really liked about this is issue what’s been browsing or whatever go to speak of the net yes i know its really flow all just going to use P going on your 0 EPS and trying this I’ll okay lol download Chrome does the show that missiles all real fast internet and it is really you think really just like Windows not only that 00 whenever I was learning to a show showdown cerro it was it took a computer doesn’t mean it’s beyond 24 /7 run it and I wasn’t gonna leave my computer all 24 /7 helping I was in Goleta other people connect to my network at any time so Kate on da Luz AL if you have a defended you know this is pretty fast for telling chrome so back to Oakmont showdown like ok at this base good computers that’s gonna stay on 24/7 already have a static IP so all you need to do I’ll just get the rest of it whenever a Dumas showed out so real stick to the basics here and it’s installing this could take awhile it’s gonna take a lot longer wish to take I’ll so a little all that %uh all is it whenever called finishes okay chrome is now ready foam gone 2003 test speed test not met and this is Google Beiber internet in my opinion spree I know this isn’t even close to Google Talk Google Fiber believes one 32-bit per second yes its is just unbelievable how fast this really is or judge k your pool the Sun looking download speed that’s an hour last time this happened actually crashed it ugly the he went so fast look at this thing yummy while 230 thats isn’t that like 27 megabytes a second his was uploaded used is ridiculous I wish I could but the US for this isn’t really fast me on this I could just take the standard that the lovely while love it’s is so I wouldn’t uploading them bastard in a dilute okay howso just so you know I’m no did not say anything all he doesn’t really fast internet what’s on offer have using computer but yeah that’s my hope fast so on really thats it alone it’s also that out do whatever you wish to do want it a minecraft Pokemon %uh DJ’ing whatever earl you already it’s in the cloud as though want movie a 1400 wanted to call the it’s always on the go I don’t know how true that is because you can just shut down the server and everything will be erased the really %uh this is free now whether or not you should get any paid forever that goes on how how much demand you need for example you you plan on taking like this three serb I believe can handle 50 users that war so if you plan on how to order 50 users that want up a bow five book full of them pay where you can hold about 250 more now I heard up from Pokemon showdown lemme the creator of it he said they pay good bit of money every month to handle 10,000 users I just called the wrong number out there don’t leave he said I think 2004 so yet the lotto lotta money for busy Thursday though it all up in lawn again how popular you or ok launcher out service road it’s gonna be me probably some fans and must among friends so I it’s gonna sleep hopefully 150 users well-meaning no harm done if it goes over 50 us up to open up another well understood could live tutorial any questions you’re free to leave a comment this car had questions with to open Mrs I did the best I can do it a believer excuse probable so I hope you enjoy it I hope you get your server best to look for that and subscribe for more like this video knows pretty kept it was like a new up to I just think that is a need for you to you government canteen continue on from Pokemon showdown which can be pretty interesting hope your watched as well thanks for watching once again scribe like comin oh whatever you want to say to me whatever resolves its not mean you nice okay see you later

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